Did we all cut class the day they taught that acid corrodes?

To stop treating your body like an acidic waste dump and restore it’s sublime alkaline design, start now

  • By consuming raw, juiced, and lightly cooked vegetables and low-sugar fruits
  • By transitioning out of meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, bad fats, and vinegar
  • By dancing, swimming, hiking, walking, bouncing, and bicycling
  • By transforming “dieting” to “changing what you eat and how you feel”
  • By changing acidic and stressful thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors to safe and beneficial ones

Why me? What’s my connection to pH balance?

pH Miracle Balance Your Diet

pH Miracle Diabetes Revoultionary Diabetics

Acid, acid, everywhere

The acid/alkaline balance our bodies need for optimal health and vitality can be offset or depleted in a number of ways. Life itself exposes us to stress, environmental contaminants, and foods that cause the body to become temporarily, chronically, or fatally acidic. If you are lucky enough to avoid being overwhelmed by acid, you probably enjoy what we think of as good health. If, however, you or someone in your family has developed allergies, obesity, diabetes, mood disorders, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hypertension, or any number of chronic conditions, investigating the role acidic diet and lifestyle play in these symptoms could be the doorway to a new and exciting level of health and vitality.

The following resource will be helpful for more information: pH Miracle Balance Your Diet

Acid/alkaline imbalance in the body is like acid rain.

Maybe it’s easier to think about the effects of over-acidity in the body in comparison to the effects of acid rain.

Acid “rain” refers snow, rain, fog, and airborne dry particles. These acids come from both natural sources, such as volcanoes and decaying vegetation, and from man-made sources, such as emissions from fossil-fuel combustion. Acid rain contaminates forests, rivers, lakes, and streams, causing disease, destruction, and death to animals and plants depending on those ecosystems. What does this excess of acid do? Well, it corrodes. Here’s a look at a forest overwhelmed by acids.

Most people accept the tragic effects of acid imbalance in our natural environment. But when it comes to the effects of excess acids in our bodies, we don’t make the connection. By looking at the destructive effects of acid on trees, you can just imagine the damage runaway dietary and environmental acids do to the human body. So let those acid-damaged trees be a lesson. Gradual changes like fatigue, weight gain, tooth decay, allergies, yearly colds and flu, and headaches may actually be early symptoms of internal “acid rain.”  Until recently no one has helped us make the connection between acid/alkaline imbalance to arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and even cancer. Our blood– think internal rivers and streams here–becomes overloaded with the toxic debris of acid-forming foods and our bodies react in the same ways our forests, streams, rivers and wildlife are, by getting sick and dying.

Cleaning up acids in the body is like cleaning up a dirty river, lake, or stream.

The once filthy, dying, Hudson River was once a casualty of industrial development, rampant growth, raw sewage discharges, and toxic contamination. Vigorous and ongoing efforts to reclaim this mighty tidal estuary have been successful so far, though more needs to be done. The ozone layer is reestablishing itself because we stopped using fluorocarbons. How?  First, by removing the sources of contamination. Right, the first step is always to remove the problem.  Simple.

In human bodies, pollution comes in the form of too much sugar, alcohol, dairy, meat, stress, drugs, and chemicals. Taking more pills and restricting calories only hides the problem while letting disease develop on deeper levels.

Removing the problem: acidic foods

Acidic foods dominate the American diet. From baby formula to Thanksgiving dinner and even bags of IV glucose in the hospital, acidic foods are convenient, cheap, addictive, and ultimately compromise our health, energy, and well-being. Many of us have simply overwhelmed the alkaline design of the body with acids to the degree that we are sick. Sadly, many of the foods we consider “healthy” are so acidic they actually compound the problem.  Some of the biggest acid-forming culprits are meat, sugar, artificial sugar, fructose, dairy products, corn, and even a great number of fruits. Oh, and don’t forget caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.

Even special diets recommended for diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer are dominated by deadly acid-forming foods. Respected weight-loss companies actually sell sugary acidic foods and snacks under their own brand names.

Restoring pH balance and optimal health

Good news. You can restore the alkaline design of the body. Because today we have a better understanding of how acids affect our health. Today we can learn to support our health as individuals and as a nation and world with healthy fresh, vegetables, fruits low in fructose, nuts, and freshwater fish. Today we can relieve the body of excess stores of acid. Free the blood from yeasts, molds, and bacteria. Free our bones from having to supply vital stores of calcium to buffer the effects of too much acid.

It means drinking pure alkaline water. Eating 70%-90% alkaline foods depending on your level of health. Getting toxins out of the body through sweating, breathing, and elimination. It’s not easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard. There is a learning curve, but once you feel the—no lie—miracle of alkalinity, the astonishing benefits reinforce your hard work.

So, look around the site, check out my progress, and see if what I’m doing can help you BE ALKALINE NOW!

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2 Responses to Home

  1. Ali says:

    I can feel that I am being slowly persuaded to look at my diet. And that’s a huge thing for me. My interest as a liver transplant person is to remove as much fat as possible out of my liver. As a person who has always struggled with my body I can see that I need to pay attention to your information. Do you have a list of acid producing foods? If I were starting, where would I start? Great information!

  2. The pHaerie Godmother says:

    Ali!! Thanks for the post. Can’t believe it took me this long to get back to the blogscape! Will send lovely charts asap. xo

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